Traction Therapies 

Mechanical Traction is a common therapy for the low back and neck with the goal of helping disc pain, arthritic changes, and pinched nerves. By alleviating pressure on nerves at compressed locations, these therapies can minimize pain dramatically and improve prognosis quickly.  

Low Back Traction

At Idaho Chiropractic Group we utilize Leander traction tables for the low back. As seen in the first picture, patients are tilted to an affected side of a disc bulge or herniation while the table is allowed to oscillate the leg portion up and down. The goals of this procedure are to centralize disc material and promote quicker healing in combination with other therapies or adjustments. 


Cervical Traction

Neck Traction is a popular therapy for many patients. Whether it's pain from a car accident, arthritic changes due to age, stiffness from tight muscles, chronic headache occurrences, or compressed nerves, cervical traction  is the answer for you. The system works by bolstering the base of the skull and filling the device with air as the pads slowly lift your head for a gentle upward pull. Sometimes, this procedure is concurrently run with other therapies like Electrical Stimulation to kill two birds with one stone. Who knows, maybe you'll get taller too!

Cx Traction