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Nutritional Injections

Nutritional Injections for patients in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Idaho City, and Nampa

What Are Nutritional Injections?

Trigger point nutritional injections treat pain, improve range of motion, and help you recover from injury faster. Nutritional injections can even treat chronic painful areas or scarred adhesions.

This safe and efficient treatment supports pain and injury recovery as a supplement to other services offered at Idaho Chiropractic Group.


Reduce Pain Naturally With Nutritional Injections in Boise, ID

Trigger point injections are a unique way to manage myofascial pain using a variety of healing substances injected right into a tender point in the muscle, or “trigger point.”

Trigger points may feel like a “knot” or tension in the muscle that does not resolve after typical bodywork treatments like massage or acupuncture. Trigger point injections may use sterile water or saline, homeopathic injectables like Traumeel or arnica, anesthetics like lidocaine and procaine, or specific nutrients like magnesium or vitamin b12.

Why Does Idaho Chiropractic Group Offer Nutritional Injections?

When people think about chiropractic care, they often picture spinal adjustments and deep tissue work. However, Idaho Chiropractic Group takes a multi-pronged approach to treatment.

Along with hands-on methods like ‘cracking your back,’ we offer other holistic wellness services like acupuncture, nutritional IVs, and injections for complete and rapid recovery.

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are sensitive spots on our muscles. They form when pain causes the muscle fibers to tighten up. This is an attempt by the body to prevent further damage. However, these tiny knots can stay stiff and sore even after the muscle heals.


Why Inject Nutrients Directly Into Trigger Points?

Why inject nutrients into painful areas instead of swallowing a vitamin supplement?

Vitamins in pill form take time to digest, and your body may not break the pill down or absorb the entire amount of the vitamin. So, part of that pill is literally flushed away with your waste. Meanwhile, whatever you do absorb gets spread throughout the body instead of going to one specific place.

Injections skip the inefficient digestion process. They place vitamins directly into the bloodstream. Even better, they bring vitamins directly to a site of pain or damage. Your body needs those vitamins to heal micro-injuries, reduce inflammation, and boost the metabolism.

Benefits of Nutrient Injections

Injections of the right nutrients can reduce swelling. Less swelling means less irritating pressure on nerves, which reduces pain. Nutrients are also the building blocks of your soft tissues, which your body uses to rebuild cells.

Nutrient injections also offer holistic benefits. These can include:

  • Mood Stabilization
  • Energy Increase
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Immune System Boost
  • Improved Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Nutrient Injections and Whole-Body Treatments in Boise, ID

Nutritional injection of trigger points is just one of the services we offer at Idaho Chiropractic Group. We tailor our treatment plans to your individual needs, tackling your health concerns from several angles.

To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, contact us today at (208) 343-6900.

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