X-Ray Analysis

Conditions or injuries which cause pain and disability can be frustrating. Your frustration may be even greater if you have no idea what's causing those symptoms. X-ray imaging is a time-tested technology for seeing inside the body to diagnose such problems, but traditional film-based radiography presents certain risks and limitations. Today, there's a vastly superior technology that can produce X-ray images digitally. Here at Idaho Chiropractic Group in Boise, we're proud to offer this state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging option as means of serving our patients more effectively.


The Digital Advantage: Benefits of Digital X-Rays

X-ray imaging has been around since X-rays were first discovered in 1895. X-rays themselves are invisible, but they have the ability to pass through solid objects to varying degrees, depending on the density of the object. When part of a patient's body is subjected to an X-ray machine, some of those X-rays pass straight through the softer tissues, while others bounce off of harder structures such as bone or tooth enamel. The X-rays that pass through strike a photographic plate, which is then developed in a lab to produce the finished image. X-rays can reveal bone and joint problems ranging from fractures to subluxation (alignment errors within joints). This makes them invaluable as a chiropractic diagnostic tool.

With all of their benefits, film-based X-rays pose some frustrations of their own. For one thing, they require patients to endure small but significant amounts of radiation exposure. If an X-ray is blurry or otherwise flawed, the doctor won't know until the film is developed, at which point the X-ray has to be repeated.

Digital X-ray imaging represents a great leap forward over their ancestors. In this method, the image is created and stored as a digital file, with no film involved. This not only produces much finer detail, but it also makes the image available for viewing almost immediately on any computer monitor. The process also exposes patients to less radiation than film-based X-ray imaging.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging from Our Boise Chiropractor

Our chiropractor takes digital X-rays while also evaluating your current symptoms, medical history, work habits, and other factors to determine the cause of any pain or dysfunction you're experiencing. We can review the X-ray images with you right after they're taken to explain the nature of the problem and our recommended treatment strategy.

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