The 11th and Myrtle building offers a wide range of cosmetic and wellness services including; medical, dental, chiropractic, cosmetic and aesthetic services. Easy to access and just off the connector, we are located in downtown Boise. The center has on-site parking with proximity to the Idaho capital building, BoDo, St. Luke's and St. Alphonsus. Watch the construction of Jack's New Urban Meeting Place, The JUMP Center across the street.

Spa 35 - “Boise’s Best Medical Spa. Experts in CoolSculpting Fat Removal, Botox, IPL and Skin Resurfacing”


Dr. Bailey- Dr Bailey, a cosmetic and oral/maxillofacial surgeon, performs a large number of procedures including SmartLipo, traditional liposuction, Ultherapy, facelifts, necklifts, rhinoplasties, eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), and Botox and Juverderm injections, as well as maxillofacial and oral procedures such as extraction of wisdom teeth and dental implants.

Dr. Brett Comstock - Oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures and treatments such as: dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom teeth removal, TMJ disorder, facial trauma, orthognathic surgery, oral pathology, sleep apnea, cleft lip correction, endodontic surgery and more


Idaho Sleep Specialists- Offering overnight sleep studies that monitor: ECG, EKG, eye movement, leg movement, respiratory movement, oxygen saturation, air flow, body position and snoring. Idaho Sleep Specialists also conduct CPAP and BIPAP titration studies, overnight oximetry and sleep consultations.


Oster Medical Group- Dr. Sharon Oster provides general primary care services to adolescents, adults and seniors. This includes general health maintenance, acute disease and general disease management. She also practices the specialty of infectious diseases.