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Success Stories

As I was telling my husband what I appreciate about this clinic, I felt I had to share. This is the best chiropractic clinic I have been to either in Seattle or in Boise, the two cities where I have received previous chiropractic care. Other clinics seem to herd their patients through whereas yours offers thoughtful and thorough analysis and treatment of each patient. I love all of the staff, and I can tell they really enjoy working there; they are so gracious and hospitable. 

Special thanks to Dr. Klena who has treated me for hip and shoulder issues. He was able to hone in right away on things that no other chiropractors or physical therapists I visited in previous years were able to do. And thanks to Tammy who has been the physical therapist that has treated me the most at the clinic as well, as I so enjoy her kind demeanor and her care for me. You all are a great team, and much thanks to you all!

Elizabeth T. 

I have been going to Dr. Klena for quite a few years for my chronic back issues. About 2 months ago he suggested I try the Red Light Therapy for my back. I had tried everything else and always had some pain in my lower back. I did the 9 treatments as he suggested on my lower back. It was very inexpensive. By the time I was finished my back felt like new. I have been shoveling my walks, riding snowmobiles and running on the treadmill without any pain. My back feels the best it has in probably 30 years. I am so thankful to Dr. Klena and the staff at Idaho Chiropractic. The therapists are amazing as well. I love going. I am now trying the therapy on my elbows. Stay tuned for the results.

Becky B.

I met Dr. Matthews at a health expo when I was nineteen and had already lived with several years of back pain. I'm terrified of doctors but he made me feel at ease, so I gave him a try. He took the time to walk me through what he saw on my x-rays and exactly what was going on with my back. He educated me about my scoliosis and the spots where my back curves abnormally. When my back locks up, it can be sudden and excruciating; his staff are always able to work me in the same day. He never admonishes me for forgetting to do my exercises or waiting too long to schedule a visit. He's astoundingly knowledgeable about alternative medicine and natural remedies. He fixed my hand when I partially dislocated a metacarpal. My former roommate had chronic intestinal problems that no physician was able to diagnose, but Dr. Matthews figured out that it was a side effect of a pinched nerve (from car accident two years before). My back and neck pain will never go away permanently, but it doesn't interfere with my life anymore. Thank you, Dr. Matthews, for fifteen years of awesomeness!

Dawn W.

Shortly before Christmas, I began experiencing some very scary and painful episodes. I had recently gotten over the flu, but didn’t initially associate the two issues as related. Some of my symptoms were heartbeat flutters when lying on my left side, shortness of breath, and chest pain. I am only 25 years old, so it was especially scary to consider the possibility of having heart problems. Over the following five months, I ended up visiting the ER four times, all due to the same main complaint: severe chest and back pain after eating. The doctors did a series of tests on me, including an EKG, lab work, urine test, CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and various others. These tests revealed a few different theories: irregular heartbeat, obesity, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and a high lipase (pancreas enzyme) count. In particular, I was led to believe that I was having gallbladder issues.

After 4 ER visits, 2 doctor visits, 1 cardiologist, and 1 gastroenterologist visit (and several thousand dollars) later, we finally found the cause. Through an upper endoscopy it was revealed that I had a hiatal hernia, which was likely created by the multiple times I vomited with the flu. The GI doctor prescribed Prilosec and Zantec. When taking these medicines, I no longer experienced the pain. However, I didn’t want to take a pill every day for the rest of my life. When I tried to wean myself off of the Prilosec, I ended up at the ER with another sharp attack. Frustrated, and wanting more than anything to find the underlying cause, I started doing research at home to find out how to fix a hernia.

From all the articles I read, the only fix was surgery. This option scared me; both the cost and the potential complications of an operation made me physically sick to my stomach. Finally, after endless hours on Google, an alternative cure was presented: chiropractic care that could push the stomach back down through the diaphragm. I called several chiropractic clinics and was repeatedly told they recommended surgery. But Idaho Chiropractic Group offered to take the case. After 4 short, easy visits to Dr. Klena, I am no longer on any medications and food no longer causes me to have an acid attack. I have changed my diet to help keep the weight off and manage my stomach better. I have also recommended Dr. Klena to my wife, who has suffered chronic headaches for years, and he’s made great progress with her as well. I am truly thankful to Dr. Klena for saving my life!

James Johnson 

For those of you who have ever had to face new facts that force reexamination of a life-long paradigm, you know how discombobulating that can be. That has been my experience with Chiropractic medicine, at least as administered by the capable hands of Dr. Tim Klena. 

I’m 52 years old and I have had on-again/off-again back pain since 2007. The first “episode” was rather severe, but short lived. Once it passed, I felt no long-term side effects. But when the second episode came two years later, I started to worry. I was in full panic mode when I experienced the third episode in June of 2011 and the fourth in January of 2012. Acute back pain was becoming more frequent, and the January 2012 experience had long-lasting effects. Every day of 2012 was a four-to-eight Advil day, and my feeling of vulnerability was omnipresent. Thinking “better fitness” was the answer, I turned to the bench press and the bicycle. My 1-rep max on the bench hit 285 pounds, and I maintained my 15 year average on the bicycle of 3000 miles or more. I went to see several doctors and physical therapists during 2012. The docs, including two orthopedic surgeons, couldn’t ascertain any structural problems, and one of them dismissed my complaints as so much whining. “You’re getting old, dude. You’re going to have to accept a bit of back pain and learn to manage it.” Dang, that was depressing! 

In November of 2012, I experienced the mother of all back pain episodes (at least for me). I was down for a week and on heavy drugs, courtesy of St. Al’s emergency room. In desperation, I decided to give Dr. Klena a try. I say, “in desperation,” because my dad was an anesthesiologist and every day growing up (only a slight exaggeration) he told me that “chiropractic medicine” is what cranks, quacks, hucksters and charlatans do when they can’t get into medical school. But in to Dr. Klena’s office I went.

The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Klena was his cogent explanations of how chiropractic medicine works, and how the musculoskeletal structure responds to chiropractic adjustments. Almost made sense to me from the get go. The second thing that impressed me was that, after a first series of daily visits (about 8 or 9 in a row), I started to feel much better. The back muscles let go, the spasms and pain began to subside and movement and flexibility began slowly to return. The third thing that impressed me was that Dr. Klena knew and could demonstrate exercises that the PTs also knew, but had ineffectively demonstrated earlier that year.

I’ve now been under Dr. Klena’s care for seven months. My visits have gone from daily, to weekly and now to twice a month. In that seven month period, I have gone from barely able to walk and a constant worry that life as I knew it was over, to today where I am pain free, stronger and more mobile than any day in 2012. Dr. Klena has succeeded and my paradigm has shifted. And I’m left discombobulated, with nothing but praise for chiropractic medicine—at least as administered by the capable hands of Dr. Tim Klena.

Dave Westergard 

Dr. Klena,

Thank you sooo much for your help with my neck pain. I really feel like my life has improved in many areas since I started receiving care from you. I eat better, sleep better, and exercise more effectively. I am very grateful. Your staff is superb.

I had an overuse injury recently in my hip from lower back muscles tightening and swelling and pinching on a nerve. I was headed to a national tennis competition and couldn't walk. Within a week with adjustments, ultrasound and rest I was able to play and even played singles! Thank you to everyone for the great care and getting me in so quickly! I refer you to everyone I know.


Teresa McDonald

I'm a young and fairly active woman. I started having a pain in my hip area and thought it was a pinched nerve or something. This went on about once a month for about four months. The pain was getting stronger every time this would happen. The last time it happened the pain was so bad it put me into tears! I didn't want to go to a doc in the box because I figured they would just prescribe me pain pills and not fix the problem... whatever that would be. My Office Manager suggested that I go to Dr.Klena. She and the staff here at my new job all used him. Idaho Chiropractic got me in first thing in the morning and took good care of me. Come to find out it was from a previous car accident and when I had started playing golf four months earlier I was just irritating that hip and inflamed some tissue in that joint. Dr.Klena made a complete plan for me that included adjustments, ultra sounds, stretching and strengthening on top of a payment plan! I'm fixed and so grateful that they could do it without medicating me.

Thank you Dr.Klena and Staff!

Summer K.

A couple of years ago, I was out of shape, obese, and just beginning a wellness program after a decade of neglect, when I realized a disc in my upper back was hurting my spine as if it was slicing into the spinal cord. I was scared, but didn't know what to do until a co-worker suggested Dr.Klena. She felt I could benefit from seeing a Chiropractor.

I had been resistant because I didn't know anything about Chiropractors and thought it was an "alternative medicine" woodoo practice. Dr.Klena got me in the same morning I called, and started out by taking a full history and a set of X-rays to assess whether I needed his help. The X-rays of my neck showed it was in such poor shape, it was practically on "backwards". It's hard to argue with white on black hard evidence, so I decided to open my mind and give this a real try. Dr.Klena has nursed me through multiple "injuries" while I learned to move my body, strech, eat right, exercise and take care of it, patiently working on my spine to help me succeed. "Team Linda" has worked miracles. With a stable and straight spine, I now do Yoga, hike, lift weights and even run a little, and I know that my body is carried by a spine that can support me in doing so. I now see Dr.Klena for maintenance touch up's, and for a person who has had life long hip and lower back pain it's amazing to be able to just go and enjoy life and not worry about lifting things, moving fast, or walking far.

There is such genuine caring there, and whatever my body needed is available on site. Ultrasound, massage therapy, streching, traction etc. Dr.Klena has educated me about an "insisible" part of my body that I knew next to nothing about, and I now have the body awareness to be able to tell him any part of my spine feels "out of place". Big fat thank you to my co-worker for referring me! And a thank you to Dr.Klena and team!!

Linda R