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The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm

Posted At : March 24, 2011 12:14 PM | Posted By : Dr James L. Chestnut
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What is the Wellness & Prevention Paradigm?  What are it's major premises and/or assumptions?  How does this differ from the allopathic paradigm and the major premises or assumptions of this paradigm?  How do allopathic and wellness & prevention practitioners differ in terms of intervention and clinical outcome goals?  Which practitioners are more evidence-based in terms of improving health outcomes and prevention of chronic illness?  Why does the allopathic paradigm and why do allopathic interventions dominate in terms of funding for research and healthcare interventions regarding chronic illness despite overwhelming evidence of ineffectiveness, harm, and bankrupting costs?  If we are to solve the chronic health care crisis caused by the chronic illness pandemic which paradigm will be required as a solution;  more drugs, radiation and surgery to treat diagnosed chronic illness or more lifestyle intervention to increase health and prevent chronic illness?   Does treating chronic illness with drugs, radiation and surgery cure chronic illness, prevent chronic illness, prolong life, or save money?  Does lifestyle intervention? 

Let the discussion and debate begin!!  

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