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In-House & Custom Orthodics

In-House & Custom Orthotics at Idaho Chiropractic Group

The arches of your feet are amazing in their ability to support and distribute your body weight. Unfortunately, when problems afflict these arches, pain can result. If you're all too familiar with such pain, you need to know about the in-house & custom orthotics available to Idaho Chiropractic Group.

How Arch Problems Affect Your Health and Comfort

Normally, the arches of your feet can hold and shift your body weight with ease. However, if you suffer from unusually high or low arches, this delicate balance gets upset, potentially leading to chronic strain conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. High-heeled shoes, excessive standing in one place, obesity, and sports-related overuse can all worsen this kind of pain.

Uneven arches can affect your entire kinetic chain, including your spine. As a result, you may have aches and pains in your hips, knees, and back as well as your feet.

How Orthotic Insoles Can Help

Orthotic insoles compensate for irregularities or unnatural stresses that afflict your arches. These insoles lend extra support to the arches, cushioning them and assuming some of the weight load for more comfortable everyday walking, standing, and other weight-bearing activities.

Our Boise, ID, chiropractor may be able to address your arch issues with like-sized, ready to wear orthotics. We offer small, medium, large, and extra-large insoles that fit most shoe and foot sizes. If your uneven arches require more precise correction, we can take digital impressions of your feet and create a uniquely customized insole for each foot. At the same time, we may prescribe other soothing, healing therapies, from ultrasound and therapeutic exercises to massage.

Learn More about Your Orthotic Options from Our Boise, ID, Chiropractor

Our Boise ID chiropractor can tell you more about the healing and pain-relief benefits of in-house & custom orthotics. Call our clinic at (208) 343-6900 for a consultation!